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In Action!

Good Sunday morning! Me and my lady were able to get an early start. We started off by having coffee and pancakes with our good friend Rodriguez. He had invited us a couple of days ago; originally it was supposed to be 4 of us but my other homie wasn’t able to make it due to his long hours of work. We started by going down the street on main st. over to one of our favorite local eateries Natachees. Pancakes and coffee was our choice of breakfast. As we ate, we talked about what we have been up to these past few days. All in all breakfast was amazing. Shortly after we split ways and headed over to Memorial Park Arboretum to have a family shoot for about an hour. The family was very nice and fun, you can definitely tell there is never a dull moment with them! They wanted to incorporate there 2 huge dogs in the family session, so you can image how chaotic it got really quickly. Although we had …

Fun day on Main street!

  So we set out to conquer the walls! INS Collective decided to take a break from the studio and breath in the fresh air mother nature has brought to us this past Saturday. Creativity at its finest, creating nothing but the finest¬† graffiti in the streets of Houston is what we do. Empire, Jerk, Age (Gear), Nacho (Myself), Meenr, and Kato is the line up. We were not sure if the first spot was going to be available, so we just sat around twiddling our thumbs for about an hour. Finally when we got the no go, Seconds after we decided to relocate. We were not taking no for an answer. So we headed down the street to our good friend/crew mate Weah’s spot on Main st. Great location right dead smack in the middle of Mid-town. This location can be seen off the metro rail, so its in a high traffic area. As so soon as I got to the wall, inspiration flowed through my veins. Normally I have a sketch in hand, …

Expose art show

Hello, I had the pleasure of displaying some of my recent works with some of the best street artist in Houston! The show was a great turn out, tons of people came in like an avalanche. If you missed this one there will be more to come. I hope you enjoy these photograph’s, my wife Paty Lennon went ahead and took a few photographs of some of the paintings I had hung up for the show. I have decided to bring in more color to my life. I normally paint more color out on the streets, but this time around I wanted to bring the color home. I am really pleased of the outcome, my work stands out even more and have received a lot more feedback than normal. One thing that has always stuck with me is making my own canvas’s or re-using a lot of old material. Every once and a while I scrounge up some change a buy some wood to make a frame. I believe that it brings more meaning to …

Update to “Meeting of Styles”

So I took off on my lunch break to get these pictures! I wish I remembered to grab my good camera, we’re just gonna have to make it with our good ol’ iPhone! I also edited the pictures and snapped a couple of pictures of the crew pieces. I hope you enjoy the pieces we painted over the weekend. Long story short the wall had been up in the air for a good week. So we were able to manage and come through with this, props to everyone that put in work over the weekend it’s well deserved. ¬†

Level one Fitness!

Working on a lil job down the street from the studio! Painting the inside once thats complete, I think im just gonna have to wreck the outside. This month is going to be crazy! Meeting of styles next weekend, Project Row house is coming up the next 2 weeks! Cant for wait for that to happend! Stay tuned for more updates!