Ignacio E.Sanchez, better known as “Nacho”, is a Mexican-American graffiti artist whose work is inspired by culture, color and patterns. Nacho began to explore art as a teen through drawings and illustrations.He would later expand his scale through paintings utilizing various mediums such as acrylics/ ink/ pastels and oil bars then graffiti art with aerosol paint. Most recently, Nacho has also delved into carpentry by making frames for his works. He is currently attending the University of Houston where he is taking university art courses to further develop his techniques and refine his processes. On his spare time, Nacho has taught youth art classes to Houston’s underserved neighborhoods. He also supports his wife’s photography business by building backdrop sets and assisting her as needed during photoshoots. Nacho currently resides in Houston’s historic Third Ward where is working with local businesses and nonprofits to bring color and life to the neighborhood. Nacho Sanchez’s art and style has evolved into something that incorporates various techniques and mediums in his work throughout his art journey and has been the source of inspiration. All of Nacho’s artwork is inspired by real life experiences specifically around the themes of change and movement. Most recently, Nacho has been able to travel often and deeply through Mexico and South America. As a result, culture has served as a recent inspiration. The vibrant colors and energetic textures of Latin American cultures to be visually captivating and emotionally moving are reflected deeply in his work  

photo by: @patylennon

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