In Action!

Good Sunday morning!

Me and my lady were able to get an early start. We started off by having coffee and pancakes with our good friend Rodriguez. He had invited us a couple of days ago; originally it was supposed to be 4 of us but my other homie wasn’t able to make it due to his long hours of work.

We started by going down the street on main st. over to one of our favorite local eateries Natachees. Pancakes and coffee was our choice of breakfast. As we ate, we talked about what we have been up to these past few days. All in all breakfast was amazing.

Shortly after we split ways and headed over to Memorial Park Arboretum to have a family shoot for about an hour. The family was very nice and fun, you can definitely tell there is never a dull moment with them! They wanted to incorporate there 2 huge dogs in the family session, so you can image how chaotic it got really quickly. Although we had so many things going on we still managed to have fun.

Finally we were able to make it out to the walls me and the crew had painted the day before to get some flicks of the stuff we had created. Sadly some of the pieces were not done yet, so me and the wifey decided to have a short portrait session while I put the finishing touches to the work of art I have created. Here are some of our favorite images we captured from that day. Have fun and smoke one for your boy…..IMG_4065 IMG_4071 IMG_4078 IMG_4079 IMG_4082 IMG_4084 IMG_4096 IMG_4101 IMG_4105 IMG_4109 IMG_4113 IMG_4120

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