Fun day on Main street!


So we set out to conquer the walls! INS Collective decided to take a break from the studio and breath in the fresh air mother nature has brought to us this past Saturday. Creativity at its finest, creating nothing but the finest  graffiti in the streets of Houston is what we do. Empire, Jerk, Age (Gear), Nacho (Myself), Meenr, and Kato is the line up.

photo 1(3)

We were not sure if the first spot was going to be available, so we just sat around twiddling our thumbs for about an hour. Finally when we got the no go, Seconds after we decided to relocate. We were not taking no for an answer. So we headed down the street to our good friend/crew mate Weah’s spot on Main st. Great location right dead smack in the middle of Mid-town. This location can be seen off the metro rail, so its in a high traffic area.

photo 2(1)

As so soon as I got to the wall, inspiration flowed through my veins. Normally I have a sketch in hand, but this time I let the motivation take over. Line after line, spray after spray, I have created my first freehand painting ( and it felt good). This time I felt a load of confidence come over me and I did not stop.

photo 3

I loved it how spectators just rolled on through to take pictures. Often to stop and ask questions about how we came up with our style and how long we have been painting. It amazes me how we influence the people in our community with our passion.

photo 4

I hope you enjoy this paint sesh with Dirty mike and the boys. We will continue to inspire and create for all the people of Houston. Peace Holmes.

IMG_4568 IMG_0215 IMG_3952 IMG_1426 IMG_9504 IMG_3221 IMG_6391


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