Expose art show


I had the pleasure of displaying some of my recent works with some of the best street artist in Houston! The show was a great turn out, tons of people came in like an avalanche. If you missed this one there will be more to come. I hope you enjoy these photograph’s, my wife Paty Lennon went ahead and took a few photographs of some of the paintings I had hung up for the show.

I have decided to bring in more color to my life. I normally paint more color out on the streets, but this time around I wanted to bring the color home. I am really pleased of the outcome, my work stands out even more and have received a lot more feedback than normal. One thing that has always stuck with me is making my own canvas’s or re-using a lot of old material. Every once and a while I scrounge up some change a buy some wood to make a frame. I believe that it brings more meaning to the art when you create it from scratch.

Some of the paintings that I have shown here are inspirations that have brought back from Lima, Peru. My travels to Ollantambo was really inspirational, being on a bus for over 24hrs riding along the Pacific can be tire some. I took that time to think to myself about how life is in America. There is an over whelming  amount of poverty going on around the world and we don’t even know it.  Watching little kids at the foot of the mountain of Machu Picchu was really heart wrenching. Trying to make ends meets for some water or some food is a struggle in  its self. So please when you see a hungry person give them life. Give them something to look forward too. Something to eat. Enjoy.



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