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Expose art show

Hello, I had the pleasure of displaying some of my recent works with some of the best street artist in Houston! The show was a great turn out, tons of people came in like an avalanche. If you missed this one there will be more to come. I hope you enjoy these photograph’s, my wife Paty Lennon went ahead and took a few photographs of some of the paintings I had hung up for the show. I have decided to bring in more color to my life. I normally paint more color out on the streets, but this time around I wanted to bring the color home. I am really pleased of the outcome, my work stands out even more and have received a lot more feedback than normal. One thing that has always stuck with me is making my own canvas’s or re-using a lot of old material. Every once and a while I scrounge up some change a buy some wood to make a frame. I believe that it brings more meaning to …

Great Saturday

Got a good start for today! My lady and I were able to shoot a nice couple this morning. They were such great subjects to capture. Shortly after I got a chance to start and finish a piece. Really liking this color palette. I hope you enjoy. Keep an eye out for the next one!

Update to “Meeting of Styles”

So I took off on my lunch break to get these pictures! I wish I remembered to grab my good camera, we’re just gonna have to make it with our good ol’ iPhone! I also edited the pictures and snapped a couple of pictures of the crew pieces. I hope you enjoy the pieces we painted over the weekend. Long story short the wall had been up in the air for a good week. So we were able to manage and come through with this, props to everyone that put in work over the weekend it’s well deserved.