Nopalismo X HMH X Kaffeine Coffee

Nopalismo and the Holocaust Museum collaborated on a important project mural for the BLM movement this past month. #SayTheirNames is a hashtag used to remember the names of victims of police violence. This hashtag was borrowed from #SayHerName, a social movement created in 2014 by the African American Policy Forum and the Center for Intersectionality and Social Policy Studies, to raise awareness for Black female victims of police brutality. 
These are more than just hashtags and this mural goes beyond commemorating a moment. The “Say Their Names” mural is a reminder to keep doing the work in their names and to eliminate the conditions that contributed to their deaths. It’s a demand for accountability and justice. 

You can find the completed mural at Kaffein Coffee -5225 Almeda Rd. HTX 77004

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