Holocaust Museum

Ignacio Eloy Sanchez Holocaust Museum Houston 2019 Proposal “ La Causa”

The Holocaust Museum has commissioned me to create a mural for an exhibition that they will be hosted in November 2019 in their new museum space. The exhibition will be highlighting Dolores Huerta, an American labor leader and civil rights activist who, with Cesar Chavez, is a co-founder of the United Farmworkers Association. Dolores Huerta is a major individual who contributed much of her time, efforts and energy for a cause that she believed in. The mural interest came about, after being reached out by the director of education of the Holocaust Museum, Michelle Tovar, with their interest in a past mural that I created back in 2016 off of 13th Street and Yale.They wanted to interview me to get more of the background story and inspiration of my mural, this lead to their interest in commissioning me for this special exhibition. The mural was an ode to United Farm worker flag that was dressed in many vibrant colors, symbols, and geometric figures. I am proposing to create an 8 x 12 foot mural that will be constructed by 3 x 4 inch plywood, and hung on french cleats. The art piece will be composed of three individual 4 x 8 foot panels. The image chosen will be a remake of the United Farm workers flag using bolder colors such as shades of reds, grays, whites, pinks, greens, oranges, and teals. I will be using my signature geometric shapes for the background and using 3 very similar shades of red to show a very subtle geometric style, and textures. The United Farm Workers original Flag contains an Aztec Eagle, which represents pride and dignity that our ancestors brought to us. For the stylized eagle, I have chosen to break it up in 6 different parts with colors, while still providing balance. I carefully selected vibrant colors that are visible in much of Mexican textiles, architecture and Fine arts. The shapes and colors distinguish the many different Hispanic cultures that exist here in this state. The style and geometric shapes
represent the type of work that I do, which correlates to my background. The designs that
are used throughout the piece also relate to the Talavera work that exists in my culture. I really enjoyed this piece because I believe that it can relate to not only Hispanics, but to many other cultures. I will be building the full piece which I am also excited about. The full process of creating this artwork will be a full reflection of my work, from the nailing, wood cutting, wood adhering, measurements, hardware, to painting and varnishing. It will be a very healing process which I will enjoy and it will be intended to commemorate “La Causa”. I am very humbled to have been chosen for this site specific project as well as the presence of Dolores Huerta. This UFW painting will not only be a representation of my work, but of the history and pride that the flag has brought to us.

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