Fun in the North Side/Video

Good Day!

“El Sabor Del North Side” is a festival that is held in the North Side of Houston, Texas every year. Its an event that the community put together so everyone can come out and enjoy the local food and to celebrate the love that they have for the North Side. Many vendors came to take part in this event. The food, music, and people are what make this community great.

I enjoyed interacting with the people of the community while I was painting. I was fortunate enough to be invited by a good friend and crew mate to join him in creating my own piece for the community.

We started by putting together a wall made out of plywood and 2X4’s. At first it was alil mind boggling because neither of us had ever put one together. But in the end it all came together.

I decided to stay along the lines of supporting the community, ” I ❤ NS” an abbreviation for ‘I Love North Side’ was what I chose. In the end we were able to donate our time and effort for this great event.

Here are some images captured during our session. Here is a video that we put together.


Peace love and taco grease.

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