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INS Collective collaboration

Here are a few photo’s we were able to capture after a production we worked on over the weekend. This mural worked out perfect, and came out the way we planned. 3Y5A51963Y5A5188 3Y5A5200 3Y5A5206 3Y5A5207 3Y5A5209 3Y5A5210 3Y5A5211 3Y5A5212 3Y5A5213 3Y5A5214 3Y5A5215 3Y5A5216 3Y5A5217 3Y5A5218 3Y5A5221 3Y5A5222 3Y5A5223 3Y5A5224 3Y5A5225 3Y5A5226 3Y5A5227 3Y5A5230 ChenevertWall2016

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