Out in La Porte

I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely couple from Belgium. I was actually on my way to pick some painting’s up where we recently held an art exhibition at East End Gallery. It was a group show with some of Houston’s heavy hitters here in the art scene. As I walked out to the car I hear a voice call my name. “Nacho”, I turn and see a couple walking towards me. They were the most delighted couple. Really humble and down to earth. They really seemed to be into my work and were excited to here about the next show coming up. They also mentioned to me that I had given them some stickers the day before at the event (good way for them to remember me).

So a couple of months have past now and Carine has gotten back in contact with me. This time it was about getting work done at her house! How exciting for someone to want me to go paint some of my own work onto there walls at home. Not only that, there wasn’t no special request, all they ask was for me to paint a mono chromatic piece on a 5X5 panel outside of there home. Carine mentioned to me that one day they would be going back home to Belgium, and they would love take the piece of art I would be creating for them. So they mounted a piece of wood onto the wall so when they are ready for the move they would be able to remove it from the wall with ease! I forgot to mention they also asked for a very good friend of mine to paint along side of me. Also a very well renowned artist here in the Houston area W3r3on3!

Here are the photos and the process of the works of art we have created for Carine and Abel! We had the pleasure of being photographed by one of the best up and coming photographer’s here in Houston Paty Lennon ( also the love of my life). I hope you enjoy!IMG_0001-1   IMG_0027IMG_0038      IMG_0053IMG_0127IMG_0083IMG_0001IMG_0099IMG_0028IMG_0008IMG_0059IMG_0163IMG_0115IMG_0087 IMG_0146 IMG_0159 IMG_0103 IMG_0245 IMG_0249 IMG_0195 IMG_0231 IMG_0199 IMG_0204 IMG_0212 IMG_0217

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