Year: 2018

New Era so proud to announce the release of the hat that I designed for new era for Hispanic Heritage Month!

This has been a works in the making for over 6 months and now I am happy and proud to announce the release of the hats! In this project I was able highlight an image that I had the pleasure of creating for a local business in the Houston Heights area. What better way to highlight my hispanic heritage with a mural that I dedicated to “UFW” flag. This project was a dedication to all the individuals that put in work to put food on our tables. In the process of selecting many images this is the one that stood out the most and was the most fitting for the project! In this project I was not only able provide artwork for hat of the University of Houston but for 11 other colleges throughout US.  


Good day! Here is a connection piece I worked on towards the end of 2017 and carried over to 2018. It had been a while since I’ve had a chance to create outside. Really enjoyed this piece, it’s a little different from the work that I have posted in the past. I kind of wanted to prove to myself that still had it, going back to the straight letter. Man it felt good revisiting this style. One thing I have always said and I need to keep reminding myself. Is to never stop sketching, always creating and making different styles. I promised myself that I would paint something different every time I picked up the can. Don’t be afraid to move outside your comfort zone, you will be surprised some of your best work may come out. Make sure and stop by The HAM 4200 Harrisburg to check out the latest creations! Smoke on….