Year: 2016

“A Fine Line” Art Show

Great show from a couple of weeks back, I believe that this was a huge success for everyone that participated in this event. Going into to this we had no idea what the outcome would be, but we realized that we had to go based on our past experiences and just go. Everyone that put in work definitely showed it. With our hard work and persistence we packed the house with over 500 hundred guest and everyone of them loved it. Keep an eye out for the next one y’all, here are some flicks of my work that was featured and a re-cap video shot and edited by Frank Nitti, Enjoy and eat more TACOS…    

Para Mi Gente

This was a project that I was gladly able to complete in the heights. It took about 10 days to complete, and of course with the help of my little lady I was able to conquer this monster. I hope that you have a chance to stop by and check it out!       Here are also a couple of publications that have been posted online. 15 Walls in Houston You Gotta’ See

Fun in the North Side/Video

Good Day! “El Sabor Del North Side” is a festival that is held in the North Side of Houston, Texas every year. Its an event that the community put together so everyone can come out and enjoy the local food and to celebrate the love that they have for the North Side. Many vendors came to take part in this event. The food, music, and people are what make this community great. I enjoyed interacting with the people of the community while I was painting. I was fortunate enough to be invited by a good friend and crew mate to join him in creating my own piece for the community. We started by putting together a wall made out of plywood and 2X4’s. At first it was alil mind boggling because neither of us had ever put one together. But in the end it all came together. I decided to stay along the lines of supporting the community, ” I ❤ NS” an abbreviation for ‘I Love North Side’ was what I chose. In the …


Good day familia, This weekend I had the opportunity to finish a special request for a friend of mine. This was a project that I really enjoyed doing especially because it pays tribute to the city that I was raised in. I have had the pleasure of working with Ken for the past couple of years, and has been able to provide ample wall space to explore different aspects of my art. This has helped develop my craft and skill alongside with building relationships with others. Opening new doors can help you in the long run. Also, my lady was excited to help document the process while I created this piece. I hope you enjoy this video. Be sure to press play!  

Fun day on Main st.

Yesterday I was able to get some action in with the boys out on Main. st. Here are a couple of shots that were taken this morning. I’m really into this piece, I really enjoyed playing around with the texture’s and the use of color. I tried to stick to using a single color with several different tone’s. Hope you enjoy this beautiful Sunday! (INS courtesy of W3r3On3)

Mini Prints

I ordered some prints of some previous projects I have been wanting to get. The prints are 4×6 inches on Fuji Film digital paper, I was able to matte them with some leftovers from a recent project Paty had done for a show (luckily we didn’t throw those pieces away, otherwise it would have turned out to be a much duller story). I hope you enjoy the prints as much as I do.! P.s. I will add these to my store, I ordered extras..   Thanks for stopping by!