Month: October 2015

Great Weekend for the “Meeting Of Styles”

A couple of weekends ago Houston had the opportunity to host the “Meeting of Styles” in the warehouse district. MOS is a world renowned graffiti event held annually in different parts of the world. Artist from all over¬† travel to selected locations to create the finest of graffiti. I was given the opportunity to be a part of this event a 2nd year in a row, and better believe I was glad to participate. This event took place at 3 separate locations including the Houston’s famous Wall of Fame over a span of 3 days. People from the community had the chance to witness a full blown Graffiti festival going on in the heart of the city.¬† Especially that Graffiti is known to be taboo and even considered illegal if not asked for the proper consent from owners. Here are a few photos that my lady was able to capture over the weekend. Also a huge thanks to everyone who put in work for this awesome project. Peace, Love and Cheech Marin! Empire Jerk and …

“Una Manana en Cuautepec”

I am finally getting around to add another mini project from this summer. Me and my lady really enjoyed the hospitality we experienced in Cuautepec, Mexico City. Cuautepec is in the outskirts of Mexico City, and when I say its in the outskirts I mean its going up into the mountains made up of little homes and streets leading straight to the top. We ended up running into a good friend of ours while in the city and she allowed us to stay at her families house. Her aunt gave me the go to be able to paint an old corrugated fence they had on the side of the of house. They mentioned that the fence had been painted several times by some of the up and coming graffiti writers there in the town. Here are some great detail shots of that morning. We had a few visitors pass by and say hello. Enjoy!