Month: November 2014

“Worlds Imagined”

This is a project that I was gladly apart of this past weekend. TEDx Youth Houston 2014 featured a piece of work I was asked to do specifically for this event! It was a mission to complete with this hectic weather we’ve had this week  . A very good friend of mine was able to give me this opportunity. Thanks for making this happen! These are just a couple pictures of the my work at the event. I hope you enjoy!


Good Day! I was able to finish up another work of art over the weekend! Out of all the hecticness we had this weekend I was able to sneak in some painting! Went a little big with this one. I will try to get a more finished picture alil later on when the rest of the crew finishes up. Going to add some do-dats here and there as well! A good start for a new week! Hope you enjoy and keep a look out for the next one. Peace holmes!