Month: October 2014

New Attempt!

Here is something I began yesterday evening. Finished the rest today after work. Luckly it hasn’t hit daylight savings time yet for some good light! This is something new I’m trying out. Next time I hope to add some type on the bottom half, so it can look like its really tearing into another page. Hope you enjoy the evolution of my work. I constantly try and stay on top of my sketching, to develop ¬†more style and bring a new¬†drawing to the table every time I paint. Thanks for stopping by and the support you give me to keep on creating.  

Great Saturday

Got a good start for today! My lady and I were able to shoot a nice couple this morning. They were such great subjects to capture. Shortly after I got a chance to start and finish a piece. Really liking this color palette. I hope you enjoy. Keep an eye out for the next one!