Month: September 2014

Update to “Meeting of Styles”

So I took off on my lunch break to get these pictures! I wish I remembered to grab my good camera, we’re just gonna have to make it with our good ol’ iPhone! I also edited the pictures and snapped a couple of pictures of the crew pieces. I hope you enjoy the pieces we painted over the weekend. Long story short the wall had been up in the air for a good week. So we were able to manage and come through with this, props to everyone that put in work over the weekend it’s well deserved.   Advertisements

Meeting of styles!

So I got a chance to paint at the “Meeting of Styles” this year! Here area couple of pictures of what I got a chance to get. I will upload a few more later on in the week! Should have come together well painting along with some heavy hitters here in the H my brothers Kato, Wereone, Empire,R2d2, and last but not least Gasp. Peace love and rain in Spain.  


So I have finally gotten back to my printing! Sketched out a drawing and went with it! I hope you enjoy. Here’s a couple of pics Of  my process!If you wish to have a shirt I added some to my shop hope you enjoy! Peace love and chicken grease..