Month: January 2014

Alabama Washateria

So my lil lady came up with this bright idea to paint the old washateria down the street! So we did! Me and my boy W3r3 On3 set out to conquer this wall. A couple of months back I received word that I could paint any side of the building I wanted. I was pretty busy these months so I never got a chance to do it. So we figured we get to it this Sunday. Long story short the building looked closed down. I tried calling Travis before we started to give him a heads up but no answer. So we said oh well we tried….. So we painted anyway. So while we were painting some random Iranian looking dude came up to us and asked what we were doing and who let us paint?!? I was kinda nervous on to how he reacted toward us painting (everyone else from the hood liked it)lol. Well he ended up explaning to us that he had bought the place 2 months ago and he had to …

My Home/Studio Project

I was able to finally complete the front of my home/studio yesterday. I have been on vacation for the past 2 weeks and found myself preparing for my upcoming show and not completing the mural. I was able to put things aside and add the finishing touches. I am very content with the outcome and hope to paint another wall soon. Cheers.