Year: 2014

“Worlds Imagined”

This is a project that I was gladly apart of this past weekend. TEDx Youth Houston 2014 featured a piece of work I was asked to do specifically for this event! It was a mission to complete with this hectic weather we’ve had this week  . A very good friend of mine was able to give me this opportunity. Thanks for making this happen! These are just a couple pictures of the my work at the event. I hope you enjoy!


Good Day! I was able to finish up another work of art over the weekend! Out of all the hecticness we had this weekend I was able to sneak in some painting! Went a little big with this one. I will try to get a more finished picture alil later on when the rest of the crew finishes up. Going to add some do-dats here and there as well! A good start for a new week! Hope you enjoy and keep a look out for the next one. Peace holmes!

New Attempt!

Here is something I began yesterday evening. Finished the rest today after work. Luckly it hasn’t hit daylight savings time yet for some good light! This is something new I’m trying out. Next time I hope to add some type on the bottom half, so it can look like its really tearing into another page. Hope you enjoy the evolution of my work. I constantly try and stay on top of my sketching, to develop  more style and bring a new drawing to the table every time I paint. Thanks for stopping by and the support you give me to keep on creating.  

Great Saturday

Got a good start for today! My lady and I were able to shoot a nice couple this morning. They were such great subjects to capture. Shortly after I got a chance to start and finish a piece. Really liking this color palette. I hope you enjoy. Keep an eye out for the next one!

Update to “Meeting of Styles”

So I took off on my lunch break to get these pictures! I wish I remembered to grab my good camera, we’re just gonna have to make it with our good ol’ iPhone! I also edited the pictures and snapped a couple of pictures of the crew pieces. I hope you enjoy the pieces we painted over the weekend. Long story short the wall had been up in the air for a good week. So we were able to manage and come through with this, props to everyone that put in work over the weekend it’s well deserved.  

Meeting of styles!

So I got a chance to paint at the “Meeting of Styles” this year! Here area couple of pictures of what I got a chance to get. I will upload a few more later on in the week! Should have come together well painting along with some heavy hitters here in the H my brothers Kato, Wereone, Empire,R2d2, and last but not least Gasp. Peace love and rain in Spain.  


So I have finally gotten back to my printing! Sketched out a drawing and went with it! I hope you enjoy. Here’s a couple of pics Of  my process!If you wish to have a shirt I added some to my shop hope you enjoy! Peace love and chicken grease.. 

New age vintage

Alil piece I have been working on. Really excited on how it came out! It started as a doodle on a chalkboard, but I continued and conquered this piece! Added a really nice frame to it, I found this one in the street on the way to work! So glad I got to cop this frame. FREE FREE FREE…. Sometimes you find gems in the hood. Keep an eye out, ” another mans trash is another mans treasure”