Month: May 2013

Back in el D.F.! With nacho and friends!

Went to the capitol of Mexico back in march for spring break! Where the merro merro chilangos reside! It was a good experience. Got to go to a great music festival vivelatino 2013, so many people,so packed! Got to paint, my boy were got hooked up with a wall so we got down! And last but not least I got to spend it with some of the greatest people I have ever met. Forgot to mention some random dude came and asked if he could paint with us, so we let him get that boy Spejo!


Been having pretty good feedback on this wall in third ward!The people like it! Hopefully I get to paint the whole building. Might have another wall right across the street at an apartment complex. im going to keep my fingers crossed!peace in the middle east!